wild electric boogie vibes

The ever-expanding man-shat world
atomised a willing tramp who slung
a plastic box of music on a shoulder of pure bone.
Loose, ragged like a flyaway bin bag
he whooshed along to a graffiti love gem:
A yellow-purple bench in Brockhurst Park
where he made an impromptu bamboo ritual
to an Indian God of many flavours
then crinkled the air with electric boogie vibes!

A tribe of long-haired nomads from Bristol Land
cast off  Goan shawls, ethnic dye patterns flapping
in the breeze, and spinny-spun naked down a breasty mound
Get gone the madness of the covid terrordemic
and burning states of the global warm-up.
They knuckled the air with electric boogie vibes!

A mad and maddened once mellow yellow
grandmother riddled with another C followed
her ever-swelling nose to the hubba bubba
hullabaloo that was bubbling, soaring.
a shuffle here and a shuffle there, all
in the sweet heat of electric boogie vibes!

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