notes on future roof top waltzes

Premise: For a short period I organized waltzes on roof tops around London. I thought it beautiful to be gliding around under the gaze of the moon. I planted posters advertising the event on lamp posts around the city. There were some hiccups as you’ll see below but I should say that I’m in no way deterred from resuming the event someday. What follows are my feedback notes.

Before arranging rooftop waltzes learn to waltz. Remember that Margo Sweet,  that semi-professional dancer, was surprised if not appalled by my freestyle, moonwalking, running man and odd attempts at body-popping. There was a mutual wavelength missing from the proceedings. This was particularly evident when she was gliding gracefully to the 1-2-3, 1-2-3 rhythm of Joanne Strauss while I was doing the ‘mashed potato’

Choose a big enough space. Don’t forget what happened in Greenwich village where there was only room for one person at a time. Note: the waltz is a strangely lop-sided affair if not done with a partner so try to avoid the now-it’s-my-turn factor.

I say with hesitation that it’s best to avoid dancing with a sworn enemy. In theory it could mark a turn for the better, and that was what I had hoped, but even the most graceful of dances won’t dignify the sour rapport you have with an ex-boss from whom you had robbed the day’s takings. Note: it becomes a confused mess of aggressive grips, forced grace and a multitude of stumbles.

Think about the weather. Think about the weather! You can dance in the rain but not in a force 5 gale as proved in Notting Hill when partner was blown off the roof to an early grave. Think about the weather MAN, think about the weather!

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