funny house

I can’t recall the first thought or what images came into my head but when I heard my new travel kettle in full operation it made me snigger then laugh at loud like a scolded baboon. I grinned a little at the snaking cable attached to the hard plug in the wall. A plug inserted in the wall? What an amusing audacity! My eyes flowed smoothly around the room in the eager expectancy of more previously overlooked amusements. A wicker chair raised a sardonic smile; the boughing over desk lamp had me in such stitches that I collapsed on to the carpet and oh what a carpet- patterned with magnolia diamond-shapes ha ha ha. I rolled over to the bin in convulsions of unrestrained laughter. Never had I seen a funny bin bag- all transparent and crackly-  By the time I had reached the wardrobe on the other side of the room I could barely breathe for laughing- the brass door handle, the lone straggling cobweb, a few coins on the floor covered in dust and this skirting board, oh the skirting board! for certain the funniest skirting board in the world. I crawled slowly through the wooden threshold but even that forced a new explosion of gurgling laughter,- the stoic doltishness of a wooden threshold!- such that I ended up involuntarily somersaulting out of the house onto a tarmac river.

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