eyes to the right

When I look straight ahead things to my left are a little clearer than things to my right- obviously one eye is better than the other. The difference this makes is that people to my left are given an easy attention: I am more open to them and treat them with a heartier welcome. People to my right are subtly intrusive, secretive, not to be fully trusted- I treat them with a civil but cautious hand; they are insidious shadows, darkly sneering silhouettes, ghosts of near-forgotten enemies and ever will they remain...until they move to my left. To manage this I started twisting my head to the right whenever I encountered someone so that my left eye mainly received them. However, I was told this slight head shift created a look of suspicion, as if I'm scrutinising my prey. 'Circling' people so that only my left eye saw them just compounded the situation. Thus, I am now directing people to my left by wearing a 'Lane Closed' motorway sign on my head, which forcefully drives people away from my right.

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