Sometimes the collusion of precise climatic elements
produces a mind-opening day called poignant
The pace of the breeze with white cloud blossom
against a rennaissance sky; a certain marked character of grey cloud,
the shake of the right leaves with the right rythymn
and a sheep-grazed span of meadow grass
stirs the psyche into loosening the routine  
the world of the head drops into the span of the heart
and everything means something; a billboard
poster with swiss chocolate being poured
over an alpine wonderland
becomes a metaphor for designing a diffferent self.
Forget the ring-ting-ting of clever thoughts
and the repeat prescription of working hard
Immerse in the very feel of the day and
the new strength in the bones for
perhaps only twice a year does such a day happen
and when it does you run the risk of being free

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