big me little me

On my other planet there are two of me- an enormous one and another quite small one. We get on well and play around in the giant cabbage forests. Big Me gathers up little me, stuffs me down the barrel of a cartridge-less and pen and with an almighty blow propels me through the air like a bullet from a gun. Little Me splatters through the cabbage leaves, making certain to stretch out his limbs so that he is aerodynamically efficient. The landing is the great risk; we’re never quite sure when and where it will be, so on the forest floor Big Me has laid a foam carpet which breaks Little Me’s fall. Often though, Little Me smacks against one of the thick trunks or comes to rest high up in one of the leaves, then Big Me has to search for Little Me. Sometimes Big Me shoots Little Me up in the air and then sprints through the grass to catch Little Me. Other times Little Me runs away and Big Me can’t find him or he crawls down Big Me’s boots and scratches under the arch of Big Me’s foot to tease him.

One day everything got mighty confusing when a third- medium-sized me turned up, then a fourth and a fifth and so it went on until we had a whole line of mes arranged in order of size. Seizing the opportunity, I took a photograph and said my goodbyes. That night in the darkroom, the wonder really began; for as the photo started to develop it revealed only an image of me typing these words.

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